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How to review your students Grade report

You have your students progress/grade report now what? Now is the perfect time to have your student reflect on their classes and the school year so far. 
  • Acknowledge your child for the improvements they have made or for the hard work they have been putting into learning. It is very important for students to understand that their level of effort in school directly affects their progress towards meeting academic standards. 
  • Read the comments not just the grades as sometimes this can give you more information than an actual grade. 
  • If your child is having difficulty in a specific area, talk with your child and the teacher about ways you can support your child at home without it feeling like “extra work”. And, again, focus on their effort in class rather than their grade.
  • If your child is excelling, then encourage him or her to continue to work hard. 
  • Lastly, this is a trying time for all and when looking at your student’s grades and comments, please keep in mind there is a lot that they are learning to deal with, and feeling during these times. 
Every child has areas in need of improvement, it’s just as important to celebrate his/her/their successes! So, discuss the report card with your child and feel free to celebrate any small steps forward!
Feel free to check in with your child's teachers, school counselor or admin if you have questions.