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Nutrition Services

2017-2018_Meal_Prices Card Icon2017-2018 Meal Prices

In December of 2010 President Obama signed The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-296) making many changes to Child Nutrition Programs.

One of the provisions in this act, "Equity in School Lunch Pricing in the National School Lunch Program", states that effective July 1, 2011, school districts will be required to increase the cost of their paid lunch prices until the average weighted revenue per lunch matches the federal reimbursement rate, which is adjusted for inflation every year.

From data collected in 16/17, the weighted average price our students paid for meals compared to the federal requirement indicated that we must increase the price we charge our students who do not qualify for meal benefits in 17/18.

Our new meal pricing schedule for the 17/18 school year is shown below:

Breakfast - $1.50
Lunch - $2.50
Middle & High School
Breakfast - $1.50
Lunch - $3.25

Adult Meal
Breakfast - $2.25
Lunch - $4.00

No-Charge Policy - Due to the high number of meal charges that have gone unpaid, we regret to inform our families that we can no longer allow students to charge meals. We realize there are times when lunch money is forgotten. To ensure your student will not go hungry, we will have alternative meals available in the cafeteria.

If you feel you may qualify for Free or Reduced-Price Meals, please contact the Twin Rivers Nutrition Services Department at 916-566-1600 extension 50527.

2017-2018_Meal_Payment_Policy Card Icon2017-2018 Meal Payment Policy