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Closed Campus

Effective_August_9,_2016 Card IconEffective August 9, 2016

For the safety and welfare of the students, King Academy has a closed campus.
  • This means that students may not leave the school grounds without permission from the school.
  • Early dismissals must be cleared with the Attendance Office at the start of the school day.
  • All visitors must, by State Law, obtain permission from the office to be on the campus.

School_Board_Adopted_Policy_-_Closed_Campuses_(BP_5112.5) Card IconSchool Board Adopted Policy - Closed Campuses (BP 5112.5)

In order to keep students in a supervised, safe and orderly environment, the Board of Trustees establishes a closed campus at all district schools.

Students shall not leave the school grounds at any time during the school day without written permission of their parents/guardians and school authorities. Students who leave school without authorization shall be classified truant and subject to disciplinary action.

(cf. 5113 - Absences and Excuses)

Student handbooks shall fully explain all rules and disciplinary procedures involved in the maintenance of the closed campus.

(cf. 5144 - Discipline)

Legal Reference:
35160 Authority of the Board
35160.1 Broad authority of school district
44808.5 Permission for pupils to leave school grounds; notice

adopted: July 15, 2008 McClellan, California