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Illegal or Dangerous Items

Effective_August_9,_2016 Card IconEffective August 9, 2016

No weapons, as defined by the California Education Code, as well as possession of or use of illegal substances will be permitted on school campus.

Individuals will automatically be SUSPENDED for a period of five (5) days and eligible for a district behavior review, which may result in school removal or expulsion from school.

Local law enforcement authorities will also be notified.  

The buying or selling of controlled substance will automatically result in a suspension, recommendation for expulsion and notification of law enforcement.

Effective_August_9,_2016 Card IconEffective August 9, 2016

Students in possession of “objects of no reasonable use” to the student at school (i.e. fire crackers, stink bombs, screw drivers, water guns, etc.) shall be considered in possession of a dangerous object which may result in an immediate one (1) to five (5) day home suspension.

Imitation fire arms, air soft guns, pellet guns, knives, brass knuckles and all other weapons will result in a recommendation for expulsion.